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Legendary LOOP-LOC: We're the One Dealers Depend on for Quality and Service.

LOOP-LOC is a dealer direct company that is committed to servicing swimming pool professionals like you. Founded in 1978, our drive and dedication remain as strong as ever: We're the one you can count on for the highest quality products on the market today, along with outstanding customer service and technical support.

Our complete lineup can help you satisfy the most discerning customers. In fact, LOOP-LOC is the only manufacturer offering the:

  • LOOP-LOC Luxury Liners, with over 24 elegant designer patterns - including the most exclusive ones - manufactured using only the highest quality virgin vinyl material in durable 20 & 28 mil.
  • LOOP-LOC Mesh Covers with a super-dense weave that blocks virtually all sunlight but still lets rain and melting snow easily drain through.
  • Aqua-Xtreme Mesh Safety Covers , the ultimate cover for light blocking and quick drainage. 50% lighter than solid covers.
  • ULTRA-LOC III Solid Safety Cover, the revolutionary cover that combines the light weight of a mesh pool cover and the light-blocking benefits of a solid cover.
  • CABLE-LOC™ Raised Wall Treatment for much faster installation, exceptional quality materials, and the sleek new look homeowners will love.
  • PROTECT-A-GAP®, the safest and simplest way to close gaps created by raised spas, waterfalls, rises or any obstructions higher than nine inches.
  • AQUA-LOC® Zipper Treatment to safely meet the challenges presented by large commercial pools with nonremovable raised obstructions and rails.

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