Days of sunshine and warm weather are on the horizon! You might be starting to wonder: is it too early to start thinking about opening your pool? The answer is no! Read on to see the 4 reasons why we believe you should open your pool sooner rather than later.

The number one reason to open your pool early will always be that it extends your swimming season. If you wait until the first warm day to start the process of opening your pool, it can take up to a few weeks to be completely clear and ready to dive in. When that happens, you actually end up losing those first weeks of great weather. By opening your pool early in anticipation of the start of the season, your pool will be crystal clear and ready to go when that first warm day comes around.

Opening your pool early will also leave a buffer for any repairs that need to be made. After not seeing your pool during the colder months, you may uncover some concerning spots when the time comes to open again. If your pool wasn’t winterized properly, there could be damage to the filtration system, which can all be dangerous for guests. You’ll want to have any issues repaired by your local pool professional as soon as possible. Opening early will provide enough time to get everything fixed up before you lose any actual swimming days.

Another benefit to opening early is discouraging algae growth and preventing pollen build-up. No pool owner wants to see algae in their beloved oasis. It’s gross to look at, slimy, and not to mention difficult to get rid of. Opening your pool early can halt algae growth before it gets out of control. Allowing the water to sit at warmer temperatures under your cover will foster algae growth across the entire pool until everything is covered in green. Similar to algae, opening your pool early can also help curb the amount of pollen that gets trapped in your water. When your pool is open early, the filtration system will be constantly circulating water, keeping that coat of pollen off the surface of your pool and under control.

You may think that more pool time is equal to more money, but that’s not always the case. Opening your pool early can actually save money. You’re able to get ahead of any damages that could have evolved into costly problems. You’ll also avoid having to add extra chemicals to treat any algae and bacteria since you’ll be putting that growth to a stop early on. Some local pool stores even have discounts on chemicals and services for pool owners who choose to open up early, so keep an eye out for those deals!

When it comes to opening your pool, sooner can be better than later. While there are no set rules for when the best time to open your pool is, listed above are just some of the reasons opening early can be beneficial. From saving on costs to leaving extra time for repairs, you’ll be happy you got a jump start this season!