Just because the 80-degree weather has passed, it doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your backyard oasis. Don’t let the cold stop you from throwing a memorable pool party that your family and friends will talk about until the sun is shining again. Check out these ways to turn your space into a true winter wonderland and make the most of your pool all year round.

  1. Keep using your deck. You may think your deck is the last place you’d want to go in the offseason, but you can make it more comfortable than you’d imagine! By picking up some portable space heaters at your local store, you can keep warm while enjoying the cool weather. You can even create a further sense of warmth amongst you and your guests by adding candles or strung party lights to your backyard decor.
  2. Grab your family and friends and go play in the snow! If you live in a region that gets snowfall during the winter months, your backyard is the perfect place to get together and have some serious fun! From building a snowman to piling into an igloo, there’s an endless list of things to do when snowflakes have fallen. If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional, try painting the snow or following animal footprints to see what you can discover.
  3. Turn up the heat with a fire pit and cozy blankets. Sitting around a poolside fire pit enjoying the cool air is a great way to kick back and relax with friends. Add some cozy blankets, comfy pillows, and dim lighting to provide a romantic setting for a unique winter date night. If you have kids in the house, you can make a fun activity of roasting marshmallows over the open fire. Not only will you stay warm, but you will also create a calming ambiance for your backyard gathering.
  4. Wow your guests with winter-themed snacks and drinks. Now that you’re wrapped up in your favorite fuzzy blanket by the fire pit, top it all off with fun winter themed snacks and drinks to enjoy with your guests. Try serving hot cocktails or a cup of flavored tea to keep your hands toasty and your stomach happy. Not only will your taste buds love the warmth, but these hot drinks will also go great with those gooey toasted marshmallows!

Whether you decide to sit by the fire pit or enjoy some winter snacks, there are many ways to still utilize your backyard in the offseason. If you’re thinking of upgrading your pool, the winter is also a great time to get the ball rolling so you’re ready to dive in the first day the sun comes out. Most pool professionals are a bit slower in the colder months, so you’ll reap the benefits of a quicker and cheaper spring makeover for your backyard sanctuary.