Every pool is different, which is why every pool needs a unique cover to fit its unique needs through the off-season. From commercial pools to residential, from rectangular to kidney shaped, LOOP-LOC has a cover to fit any pool shape and need. Covering your pool is a key-piece of maintenance for the cooler weather to ensure that your pool water stays clean and your pool parts remain in good shape. When it comes to choosing a pool cover, LOOP-LOC has 6 types to fulfill your every need.

LOOP-LOC’S Super Dense Mesh Covers let rain and snow drain through its surface, eliminating standing water.  The polyester bonded thread used in all Loop-Loc covers is 30% stronger in thread size and produces a higher margin of safety in all seams.  Blends beautifully into any backyard and is available in standard Green, and optional designer colors: blue, gray, tan and black. 

 Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh Covers is manufactured out of a proprietary weave for maximum light blocking and lightening quick drainage.  The ultimate light blocking fabric not only deters algae growth but drains quickly without clogging.  This cover is 50% lighter than a Solid Cover, guaranteeing easy handling for removal and re-installation.  Available in Green and Sapphire Navy.

Ultra-Loc lll Solid Safety Covers are manufactured out of premium coated vinyl material with enhanced 100% polyester rip-stop scrim.  Super strong and durable.  Solid Safety Covers are supplied with a pump to remove any standing water, or with optional drain panels.  Available in standard Green or optional designer colors: blue, gray, tan and black.

Have a pool in a commercial or condominium setting? LOGO-LOC is  LOGO-LOC is the perfect cover for you, providing a customizable surface to place a logo or statement. This cover option makes your pool cover unique to you, and it doesn’t only have to be for business branding. Families can also utilize LOGO-LOC to showcase memories, a favorite destination, a crest, or a last name.

The Aqua Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh cover has the benefits of maximum light blocking technology paired with lightning-fast drainage to ensure your pool stays algae and debris free for the spring. This cover is 50% lighter than the solid safety cover, guaranteeing easy handling for removal and application across seasons. It’s unique, new weave mesh is super-strong and quick-draining, available in two beautiful colors: green and sapphire navy.

If you have an On-Ground pool, there is no need to feel left out. LOOP-LOC’S On-Ground LOOP-LOC’s in-ground cover has your pool, well, covered! If your pool is surrounded by at least 2 feet of deck, you can experience the safety and strength of a LOOP-LOC cover all the same. Just like the in-ground pool covers, you can expect the same durability and safety for your children and pets around the poolside. They are just as easy to put on and take off, along with easy maintenance when you reopen your pool in the springtime.

Finally, commercial pools can also reap the same LOOP-LOC benefits, with a LOOP-LOC Commercial pool cover. During the off season, a commercial pool left open can be a clear safety hazard, even behind locked gates or fences. If you truly want to deter children and pets from danger, investing in a commercial LOOP-LOC cover will ease your mind and ensure your business is safe from any incidents involving an uncovered or unsupervised pool. You can be confident that your cover is securely locked to the poolside– it’s not going anywhere.

With a LOOP-LOC cover to fit any pool’s need, there’s no excuse for there to be a dangerous, uncovered pool in any backyard. Check out your pool cover options and decide what works best for you, your family, or your business, before the cold weather hits hard.