Whether you’ve had your family pool for one summer or a dozen, the anticipation of jumping into the sparkling blue water for the first time in months is one that will never get old. Perhaps one of your favorite big purchases, a pool creates the family center in the backyard, bringing everyone together in its waters to play, splash, and relax. Taking off your pool cover in the spring is one of the best feelings, knowing that in a few more days it’ll be warm enough to take a dip or lounge in your favorite floaty after work and school. This holiday season everyone has a lot of different things to be thankful for, from friends and family to new opportunities and open doors, but we want to give you 8 thoughtful reasons to be thankful for your pool this Thanksgiving. Read through our list below.

  1. Bringing the family together: We may have already alluded to this concept, but pools truly provide a family center to bringing everyone outside and into the water. A pool will entice every little kid and convince any grumpy teenager with its glistening waters, giving everyone a chance to chat and play, strengthening your family bond. The only other time this happens so often is the holiday season, so pools are certainly a special place to gather together.

  2. Summer memories: Since the pool is the epicenter of summertime fun, it’s also the source of many great childhood memories for thousands of people. Whether it’s that one wild summer BBQ or a day filled with exciting pool games with friends, pools have a special ability to create memories able to last years and years to come. We are all thankful for our childhood memories, and are always eager to make the same for our children too.

  3. A sound mind: The pool is a serene place to be when you’re alone, giving you time to think by yourself while floating in the water. It gives you a space to just relax and clear your mind, especially when you go underwater and block out the outside world completely for a few seconds–just you, the water, and your thoughts.

  4. And a healthy body: A pool is a place of fitness as well, with swimming being a great exercise, promoting endurance, cardiovascular health, and a bigger lung capacity. Regular swimmers know the benefits, but even if you’re not competitive, just being in the water takes a lot of stress off your body. We have to be thankful for our pool and its ability to keep your minds and body healthy, so we can be better people everyday.

  5. Beautiful to behold: Sometimes when you look at your pool it’s just a pool. Other times, however, it’s a beautiful sparkling oasis, with sunshine twinkling off the water and the liner, like little floating diamonds. Being able to see the beauty of your pool is a treat for anyone, but knowing it’s your own personal, everchanging artwork is something to be grateful for.

  6. Being one with nature: Taking a dip in the pool gives us a chance to lay there and listen–listen to birds chirping, the wind gently blowing, and leaves rustling, along with all the other serene sounds of nature we can witness. In a time where many people sit inside for most of the day, being in the water surrounded by mother nature is something we can’t take for granted.

  7. All of the fun: There are hundreds of ways to have fun in a pool, from swimming to playing pool games to splashing your friends. Pools give us so much time to just relax and laugh with friends and family, so it’s no wonder they create an entire entertainment center by themselves. There’s so much potential for amusement from just a small body of water, and if that’s not evidence that pools are just special, then we don’t know what is.

  8. Just relaxing: After a long, stressful day at work or school, many people look forward to coming home for a quick dip in the pool. Being a place that people seek out for comfort is a special characteristic of swimming pools, and we have to be thankful that they’re always there for us when we come home, even if our bosses and teachers aren’t there for us during the day.

When you’re remembering all of the things you have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, don’t forget about your pool all covered up in the backyard. Have a great holiday!