When it comes to keeping your pool water sparkling and your pool liner in pristine condition, you rely on your pool cleaner to rise to the occasion But, did you know that there are several different pool cleaners on the market, and you may not necessarily have chosen the best one for your pool?

The three most common types of automatic pool cleaners are suction side, pressure side, and robotic. Fortunately, all three of these cleaners are easy to install and maintain in new pools or existing pools that have no issues. They are also fairly inexpensive and relatively simple to clean so they can continue to run at peak performance! Plus, they do an excellent job of providing you with beautiful, crystal clear water. Here are some more benefits to each type of pool cleaner.

Suction-side pool cleaners attach to the suction line of the swimming pool’s plumbing system and clean by using the power of suction to pull debris from the pool’s walls and floor. This cleaner works by picking up and depositing this debris by passing it through the skimmer and filtration system. These cleaners cost less and work great in small- to medium-sized pools. They can cause extra wear and tear on the pool pump since you have to continuously use the pump to clean the pool. Plus, they can be tough on the filter system.

Pressure-side cleaners utilize water pressure from a pool pump and/or a dedicated booster pump to propel the cleaner around the pool and push debris into a filter bag—where it is then collected and removed. These pool cleaners are easier on the pool and pump. They are ideal for medium- to large-size pools and it is easy to purchase replacement parts. Pressure-side cleaners also often require a second pump or a booster pump.

Robotic pool cleaners are the most popular automatic pool cleaner. They feature a self-contained filtration system that will not tax your existing pool equipment. They are also easy to use—simply plug the cleaner’s control unit into an outlet, place the cleaner under the water, turn it on, and the robot does the rest! These pool cleaners provide more thorough cleaning and filtration, are energy-efficient, and operate quietly. The fact that they run underwater means that they do not produce any hazardous chemicals that mix with water and cause potential harm to swimmers. These cleaners do cost more money. They also must be taken in and of the pool before and after use. And, depending on the size of your pool, you may not be able to justify the cost of having a robotic pool cleaner. That said, if you pay a pool service to clean your pool, this one-time investment may be worth it in the long run. Plus, you will have the cleanest water in the neighborhood!

No matter which pool cleaner you select to take care of your pool, the sparkling clean water that results will allow you more time to enjoy your pool!