With World Environment Day quickly approaching, we are reminded of the idea to protect the environment continuously. Being that we only have one planet (at least until we can move to Mars), it’s our responsibility to take care of it. While there may be many steps we can take to live more environmentally conscious lives, we at LOOP-LOC have some specific ideas in mind. Read on as LOOP-LOC discusses how to make your pool eco-friendly.

  1. Extend your pool’s offseason. While this may be the opposite of what pool owners desire, keeping your pool covered for an additional week or two may actually save water. Not only can water be saved by extending your pool’s offseason, but you may also save energy from the pump remaining off.
  1. Protect animals. If water conservation isn’t your thing, maybe animals are. By keeping your pool covered a few weeks longer, you are also protecting the animals that may be found roaming your backyard. LOOP-LOC safety covers are able to hold the weight of an elephant, so if small animals make their way onto your pool, they will not be in danger when it’s covered.
  1. Use the pool pump less. The adage less is more definitely holds true here. Pool pumps and filtration systems take up a lot of energy, some use even more energy than an air conditioner, and run for anywhere between 6 and 12 hours. It will do the environment well to have your pool pump run less often. Allow the pump to only run when necessary or when the pool is in use. Another attempt at keeping your energy use to a minimum would be to set the pump on a timer, that way it will only run when scheduled to do so.
  1. Incorporate green cleaning supplies. This year, World Environment Day is focused on air quality, and pool owners can too, by changing the chemicals used to clean their pool. While chlorine is often used to clean pools and keep other pool chemicals level, it is also considered a pesticide and can be harmful to the hair, skin, and eyes. Chlorine may also emit toxins that harm the ozone. Chlorine alternatives such as bromine, PHMB, Ozonator systems, and natural mineral sanitizers are more eco-friendly in the long run.
  1. Try a robotic cleaner. A robotic pool cleaner is a simple and quick way to green your pool. You’ll also feel like a high-tech pool owner, everyone wins! Robotic pool cleaners reduce the number of chemical cleaners your pool may need. Not only that, but they may also limit the number of times you’ll have to clean and change your pool filter.
  1. Keep your pool filled all year-round. This may seem counter-intuitive, but keeping your pool filled all year long will save gallons of water from being wasted. Avoid emptying your pool at the end of the season to conserve water in the long run.

As we look for ways to preserve the Earth, remember these tips to make your pool more eco-friendly.