With summer drawing to an end, as a pool owner, you are faced with the reality of closing your pool for the upcoming winter months. But which safety swimming pool cover is best for you? With mesh and solid safety covers being the best choices for protecting your family, the decision isn't always clear. We've outlined the facts on both options to help you make the best choice for you and your lifestyle.

Mesh Safety Covers

If "see you next spring" is your attitude when closing your pool, then a mesh safety cover may be the right choice for you, like our LOOP-LOC® Super Dense Mesh Safety Cover. Some pool owners may choose a low-maintenance approach when closing their pools for the winter.  Here are some facts to help you decide if a mesh safety cover is best for you:

  • Mesh safety covers are designed to allow rain and snow to seep into your pool and not collect on the cover, thus eliminating the need to pump water off the cover – giving you a break during the off season.
  • Dried leaves and debris will blow off a dry cover on windy days, so there is no need to sweep. There is a chance, however, that dirty water will pass through the cover if any standing leaves or debris get wet from rain or snow.
  • Checking the water levels once in a while during the winter months to make sure they are in line with the care and maintenance instructions supplied with the cover is the most work you will need to do.
  • Lighter material makes it easy to take the cover on and off.
  • Having a low-maintenance pool during the winter gives you one less thing to think about. Following the pre-opening guidelines in regards to chemicals can help you greatly when the time comes to open a clean pool in the warm months.

Solid Safety Covers

If you're a pool owner who has a "what you see is what you get" personality and doesn't like surprises, then a solid safety cover such as the ULTRA-LOC II® Solid Safety Cover by LOOP-LOC may be a good choice for you. Here are some facts to help you in your decision:

  • As the name states, the solid cover prevents any water and debris from entering your pool, keeping its water clean throughout the harsh winter months when proper winterization instructions are followed. These "solid characteristics," however, allow water to settle on the cover, thus requiring a cover pump to remove any standing water.
  • A solid cover keeps the sunlight out, which can slow down the growth of algae when the weather starts to heat up in the spring.
  • There's a good chance you'll open up to a clear, clean pool, which will require little maintenance (aside from vacuuming and brushing).
  • Since solid covers are heavier than mesh covers, you may need more than one person to put it on and take it off.

Whether you choose a mesh or a solid pool cover, you can have peace of mind knowing they are both safe and offer a layer of protection for your family. If you are in need of a new safety cover this year, now is the perfect time to get your LOOP-LOC Super Dense Mesh Safety Covers or ULTRA-LOC II Solid Safety Covers. LOOP-LOC offers the strongest and most reliable swimming pool safety covers on the market for the past 38 years. Be sure your cover is a true LOOP-LOC Safety Cover and not an imposter! To find the nearest authorized dealer near you, please visit our website, And remember, our covers are strong enough to hold an elephant!