Summer is finally upon us, which means more outdoor time with your best friend! Why not make play time pool time and get some new toys for your dog so you can play together—and keep cool at the same time! Here are some favorites. 

  1. Dog balls. An ever-popular land dog toy, dog balls for water are made of lightweight, soft materials so dogs can jump and catch in flight. They will float in the pool so your dog can spot it easily, and he will love the squish it makes when he bites down! Some dog ball toys can also be frozen to provide extra relief in the excessive heat. 
  2. Dog frisbees. Dogs also love to play frisbee. Dog frisbees are also made of soft, gentle materials, and frisbees designed for pool play have a center hole that allows the frisbee to not only fly faster, but let your dog pick it up easily. 
  3. Tug toys. Does your dog like to play tug of war? Buy him a rope that also floats in the water. Once he fetches it, engage in an owner-doggie tug of war! 
  4. Dog bones. While it may be confusing at first, your dog will no doubt be able to tell the difference between the bone he chews inside from the bone that is floating in the pool just waiting to be scooped up. These bones are made of soft materials like canvas, and come in many sizes to fit your furry friend’s mouth! 
  5. Bobbing toys. What could be more fun than watching your dog spot a floating crab, lobster, or octopus in the pool and excitedly jumping in to grab it! These toys are made of a neoprene material so they won’t sink. 
  6. Rubber rings. Get the best of both worlds for your dog—fetching and chewing—with rubber rings! Make sure they are made of molded rubber. Most have a foam core that will absorb and hold liquid. Soak the ring in water before you give it to your dog. He will enjoy the slow release of the water as he chews on it and plays with it. 
  7. Skipping stones. Now the popular pastime of skipping stones on a lake with your dog can be brought poolside. There are skipping stones that float that you can toss across the pool. Your dog will be thoroughly entertained and brush up on his retrieving skills. 
  8. Dog floats. There’s no doubt that playtime with your dog is an important part of his day. It keeps him happy, physically fit, and further strengthens your bond. Why not get him a dog float so you can have some downtime together? There are floats that are specially designed for dogs that have reinforced construction to withstand their sharp nails. 

Make lasting memories with your dog by spending the gorgeous summer days engaging him in stimulating play by the pool. Make it a family affair and truly cherish your time together!