Yes, they can. In fact, they are strong swimmers. Here are some interesting facts about these majestic water-loving creatures.

  1. Elephants use their trunks as snorkels. This helps them to breathe while they swim.
  2. As heavy as elephants are they are still buoyant enough to stay partially out of the water as they swim.
  3. Elephants do the doggy paddle. And, they get some serious power in those kicking legs.
  4. Elephants can swim long distances.
  5. Elephants love to play and splash each other in the water.

While, we are still amazed at just how good of swimmers elephants are, it was really interesting to learn that some scientists believe that elephants swam from India to other parts of the world like Sri Lanka. Well, at least they swam part of the way. But, apparently, their swimming abilities made their migration possible.

And, we’ve heard that some think the Loch Ness Monster was actually an elephant. Either way, elephants and water seem to go hand-in-hand just like a pool safety cover should go hand-in-hand with your pool.

Show your kids the video of Bubbles walking on our pool safety cover to get them excited about pool safety. Then discuss your pool rules as a family. Here are some ideas to reinforce pool safety rules as a family.

  • Put a sign up at the pool with pool rules to remind kids about important safety tips. 
  • Go over the rules before anyone is allowed to enter the pool. Make sure your kids tell you the rules, don’t tell them. Instead, prompt them by asking questions. You know the rules, it is important for your kids to learn them by heart. 
  • Hire a lifeguard for times when there will be many people, especially kids, swimming in the pool. This shows your kids you mean business when it comes to pool safety. And, it teaches them to value safety around water. 
  • Ask a lifeguard to give private swimming lessons to your kids at your pool. Make sure they wear their lifeguarding uniform. When kids see how fun and cool lifeguards are they start to want to emulate their behavior—which includes being safety conscious at the pool. 
  • Play with your kids at the pool, but be sure to be safe. It’s neither a good idea to toss people into the pool, nor is it smart to allow people to dive into shallow areas.

Elephants and pools are two things we like a lot. But we also care a great deal about your family and their safety around pools. This is why we put such care into our pool safety covers and assist you in building a home pool environment that is safe.