The holiday season is filled with anticipation and excitement for the upcoming festivities, with kids carefully curating their wish lists and parents sorting out the latest holiday sales for their top-secret purchases. If we told you all the stress and time wasted from holiday shopping could be thrown away, would you listen to our best holiday gift idea yet? Surprising your family with a brand new swimming pool will be the ultimate holiday surprise, met with more joy and jumping around than any other toy or game. Setting the scene for a great summer up ahead, a swimming pool is a gift the whole family will enjoy year after year, ensuring your big holiday purchase pays off in oodles of laughs and summer memories.

If you’ve always wanted a pool and have been thinking about the project, the holidays are a great time to set everything up for construction in the spring. Keeping the big news under wraps until the holiday celebrations will up the suspense of a big surprise coming, all while you sort out the minor details. Plus, the off-season is a great time to buy a pool, before prices begin to surge come spring. Beat the rush and make the major investment before the pool guys are overbooked; to do this, start your big surprise early, putting the plan into action in November.

You may be wondering how exactly you’d gift a swimming pool. How do you let that sit under the tree or in a stocking? Well, here are a few creative ways to let your family unwrap their new outdoor oasis:

Instead of wrapping a pool, just wrap up some pool toys, including some floaties, diving rings, and water shooters. Anyone would be able to take the hint–happy chaos will ensue as the kids are more than eager to try out their new presents. Even if you have to wait until summer to use them, this is a great way to announce your upcoming pool project.

Make it into a game by having each family member unwrap a different clue, inside a picture frame or box, all pointing to a swimming pool. One could be ‘relaxation’, another could be a photo of water, along with other options like a float or a pool thermometer. Having to put together the clues can be a fun family bonding moment for everyone.

Another method is being straight forward by preparing a giant collage of swimming pool pictures and having the family unwrap it together. This is an easy way to get your message across, as well as minimal effort. You’re probably going to be busy organizing your big pool project, so this is a great option amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

Buying a swimming pool for your family is the best gift that will keep on giving many summers of fun in the sun. Knowing that your holiday gift is not only a family center, but a source of both relaxation and childish joy for years to come, is truly the holiday miracle everyone deserves to have this winter. Happy pool shopping, and happy holidays!