Your pool is open, the water is sparkling, and the weather is perfect. What’s next? The answer to that is easy, focus on yourself. You’ve spent the last few weeks or months constantly worried about getting your pool ready for summer, it’s time to get yourself ready for the warm weather. Now that you have perfected your backyard, take the time to work on keeping yourself healthy this summer. Read on to learn how your swimming pool can help you get in shape and stay healthy all summer long.

Make swimming part of your routine. While you may find yourself spending more time outdoors over the summer, that does not mean you are using that time wisely. Be sure to set time aside time a few days a week to focus on swimming in your pool. Whether means writing it down to manifest it or knowing that for an hour every other day is your time to swim is up to you. If you find yourself having a hard time staying motivated to continue swimming a few times a week. Break up your exercises each day. This will give you a reason to swim on a schedule that works for you.

Start with a run. This may sound crazy, but try running in your pool. Aqua jogging (yes that’s the proper term), provides you with the high-intensity effect of running without harming your joints by slamming into a hard surface. Like running out of the water, the idea is the same. Keep your back straight, arms bent at the elbow, and your hands are fisted; the only difference is that you’re covered in water from the neck down. All you cardio enthusiasts out there should really give this a try.

Get a leg up on your workouts. There are a variety of leg exercises you can do in the pool to kick start your healthy journey. In an attempt to ease your way into your pool workouts, start with some kicks. Dedicate one dip in the pool each week to kicking out all your frustrations. Whether you choose the traditional flutter kicks, frog kicks to work your inner thighs, or every child’s favorite butterfly kick (think mermaid kicks), your legs will thank you. Not only will you be working on toning your legs, but you’ll also have fun doing it with little impact to your body.

Work on those abs.  The summer is the best time to start working on a six-pack. Take your ab workouts to the pool for a change of scenery. Not only will the water provide much-needed resistance to test your limits, but will also keep you from sweating while you work. All you need to do is put your legs, from the knees up, on the deck of the pool, while the rest of your body is flat in the water. From there you will crunch your upper body out of the water as far as you can towards your legs.

Find a swim buddy. Like outside the water, no one enjoys working out alone, especially in the beginning. Find a family member or friend who is looking to spend some time in the pool and get fit in the process. There is no better reason to keep moving forward in your healthy journey than someone to hold you accountable for your actions or lack thereof. After all, who is going to turn down an excuse to spend a summer day poolside?

Pools offer more than just summer entertainment. Use your pool to keep you active all summer long. Your body will be happy you did.