Called "the most exciting revolution in the vinyl liner industry," Loop-Loc® has introduced its new, exclusive PearlEssence line. Luminous Soul, Moonstone, Opalescent Blues and Platinum Onyx patterns are infused with iridescent inks to make them shimmer and sparkle, and transform any pool into a glittering oasis. This year, Loop-Loc has added Bronze Reflections and Silver Cloud to their unique line.

Loop-Loc has also added these exclusive Luxury Liner patterns for 2016: Harmony with Laguna Riviera bottom, Captiva with Whitewashed Pebble bottom, Vienna with Sea Blue bottom, and Capri with Blue Grotto bottom. They've also announce that new, exclusive Acqua Blu has been added to their Boutique Collection.

The state-of-the-art computer technology and manufacturing equipment used to create Loop-Loc's liners ensures a perfect fit on any pool. Trust a proven leader, 38 years strong!

Loop-Loc Luxury Pool Liner Features:

·         More than 30 patterns, 20 of which are exclusive to Loop-Loc.

·         Available in textured for pool step applications.

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