Using a winter pool safety cover is extremely important in safeguarding the life of your pool. Even in warmer regions of the country, covering your pool when it is not being used has a multitude of advantages, such as the ones listed below.

A winter pool cover will protect people, pets, and animals when the pool is not in use. While a pool filled with water may not be tempting to those who live in colder climates, it may be an invitation for some who live in warmer regions to take a dip. Using a safety pool cover will also protect the swimming pool from dirt and other harmful debris when it is not being used.

Pool owners can also save money by using a winter pool safety cover. Evaporation can cause a great deal of water loss in pools, particularly in hot, dry areas of the country. A winter pool cover is a simple yet effective way to combat evaporation—and the pool water will not have to be replenished as often. Studies show that a winter pool cover can slow the rate of evaporation, especially on cool nights and hot days, by as much as 90 percent. A pool with a safety cover also requires less chemicals to clean it, another excellent way to conserve cash. Make sure to monitor your levels every month or two, adding chlorine and algaecide when necessary. Algae and other bacteria thrive when pool water is not properly balanced. Plus, a covered pool will not require as much power since it will keep more heat inside the pool. Then, the pump and filter can be run less often. It will also keep more heat inside the pool.

Even if you live in a warmer region where the temperatures typically do not fall below freezing, today’s weather is unpredictable. Why take the chance of unprotected water in your pool freezing if the temperatures unexpectedly plunge? The resulting ice could result in tears in the liner, which will be expensive as well as time-consuming to repair. It could also result in the delay of opening your pool come spring. Frozen water can also cause cracked pipes. If you have any questions on using a safety pool cover if you live in a warmer part of the country, contact your local pool dealer.

LOOP-LOC’s mesh safety pool covers attach to the pool deck securely with heavy-duty, non-corrosive, type 302 grade stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing accuracy. Brass anchors recess flush with the deck when the cover is removed. These two safeguards, when used together, place a solid "lock" on the pool that keeps the water where it belongs. Winter safety pool covers add up to peace of mind for pool owners that everyone is safe and extend the life of your pool—a winning combination. Plus, securing your pool with a safety cover will ensure a smooth, problem-free opening in the spring!