Pool owners everywhere use LOOP-LOC pool covers to protect their pool liners when not using their pools. After all, they meet—and exceed—ASTM standards for Safety Swimming Pools Covers F 1346-91. They also undergo extensive outside testing through Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) and earned the U.L. seal of approval for safety swimming pool covers. It is the logical choice for covering your pool. However, they do so much more than simply cover a pool.

During the height of swimming season, your pool serves as the centerpiece of your backyard, where you undoubtedly spend hours swimming and frolicking poolside. A LOOP-LOC pool cover will not take away from your pool’s beauty. No matter what color your cover is—green, tan, gray, blue, or black—these colors complement popular fall flowers and shrubs such as marigolds, mums, and ornamental cabbages. The hues of orange, yellow, red, pink, bronze, and purple found in these blooms—even the falling leaves—will only add to the beauty of your autumn backyard!

LOOP-LOC pool covers also protect your family, friends, and pets. They are known as “The ELEPHANT™ Covers” because these mesh safety pool covers are strong enough to support the weight of an elephant, as seen in our advertisements. They are secured to the deck with heavy-duty, non-corrosive, type 302 grade stainless steel springs. This results in superior weight-bearing accuracy. Brass anchors recess flush with the deck when the cover is removed. When used together, these items put a "lock" on a pool that will prevent children and pets from gaining access to the water. Therefore, if a person or pet accidentally gains access to the pool cover, he or she will be safe.

These safety covers also preserve your pool liner. Our mesh covers are made of super dense mesh to block virtually all sunlight, while still allowing rain and melting snow to easily drain through. This ensures that the cover does not buckle under the weight of the standing water, which could damage the pool liner.

Would you like to have your pool water be almost as clean in the spring when you open it as it was when you closed it? The Aqua-Xtreme virtually solid mesh safety cover uses a light-blocking fabric that not only deters algae growth, but drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging!

Finally, LOOP-LOC safety pool covers go beyond covering pools. If you have a custom pool, perhaps with amenities such as steps, tanning ledges, raised decks, waterfalls, rock treatments, or raised spas, these covers will shield and protect these features with treatments that specifically address these custom features when you do not want a two-cover treatment. Dirt and debris will not enter the pool because these treatments close the gaps and make it impossible for someone or something to gain entry at the water’s edge.