Pool owners realize how lucky they are to experience endless days of fun in the sun, pool parties, and backyard barbecues with friends and family! They also realize that there is some work that goes into maintaining sparkling clean pool water for everyone to frolic in. There are many chemicals and cleaners needed to keep pool water pristine, and it’s imperative to safely store these products. Here are some pool storage product tips.

First, you should store these chemicals in their original containers. Perhaps you wish to keep them in smaller containers by the pool, or you bought color-coordinating containers. This is never a good idea. All pool chemicals must stay in their original containers, with the safety instructions clearly visible. That way, if there is a spill, you will immediately know how to handle it. Putting a pool chemical in another container may also cause someone to mistake it for something else entirely—resulting in an accident or injury.

As with most chemicals, pool chemicals should be stored in a cool place with plenty of ventilation—and well out of reach of children and pets. Chlorine and solutions containing oxidizers are common pool chemical ingredients, and may become a fire hazard if they are stored in an environment that is too hot with inadequate ventilation. It’s also possible to become lightheaded or nauseous when in proximity to chemicals stored incorrectly. An area that is well-ventilated will remove any toxic vapors, mists, fumes, or dust that could be floating around. Too cool of an environment may cause them to freeze, separate, and become less effective. Be wary of choosing your garage as a storage place, unless you lock them in a bin or cabinet. It is possible that chemicals left out in the open could make any metals in the garage brittle, and they may eventually rust.

Make sure the lids to your pool chemicals are closed tightly. If they are not, they could spill onto the floor or someone’s skin. They may also be tempting to a curious child. Always take the time to make sure all lids are closed.

It is also important not to stack your chemicals when storing them. If one of them leaks, it could cause a chemical reaction. Leaking algaecide would not mix well with chlorine. Make sure you have a lot of space when you store your chemicals so they can be stored safely. Do not store them on the ground.

Speaking of chemical reactions, invest in a set of measuring cups for your chemicals. Using a single cup for all the chemicals increases the change of a chemical reaction. Label each cup for an added “measure” of safety—no pun intended!

Once you have taken all the necessary steps to safely store your pool chemicals, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Relax and enjoy your pool until it’s time to put your pool cover on—you’ve earned it!