Why should I buy a Loop-Loc Stock Cover?

            We are so glad you asked!  Loop-Loc is the most asked for Safety Cover in today's marketplace.  In fact we are THE ONLY cover asked for by name (or by Elephant) from consumers... Due to our marketing over the past 35 years if you own a swimming pool there is a 95% chance you know of Loop-Loc . 

            At Loop-Loc we have over 35 Stock Shapes and over 155 Different Stock sizes, on our shelf ready to ship in 24 hours.  We even have the most popular sizes in Stock available in our Designer Color series- ready to ship in 24 hours.  

Fun Fact: Did you know we are one of the only safety covers on the market to earn U.L. certification, pretty impressive right!

 Are Loop-Loc Stock Covers different from Loop-Loc's custom covers?

             Absolutely Not!  All of our covers, stock and custom, are manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Here are some highlights:

 All Mesh covers are manufactured with Super Dense Mesh that blocks virtually all sunlight.  87% Black yarns provide Superior U.V. stability.

  • 30% yes you heard right...30% stronger THREAD compared to any other safety cover manufacturer.  Superior thread is Key to providing a safe, high quality, long lasting cover.
  • Double perimeter webbing is 1" wide polypropylene, polyester with nylon filler.  Double perimeter webbing means a strap break strength of 4,200 pounds. (cotton, wool, or other natural fibers treated or untreated are unacceptable for safety covers but are used by some manufacturers).
  • 302/304  stainless steel springs, superior brass anchors, stainless steel buckles and non-corrosive tips are all manufactured to Loop-Loc's exact high quality standards.
  • 15 year Pro-Rated Warranty and one of the only Safety Covers to earn U.L. certification!

 Ultra-Loc Solid Cover material is manufactured exclusively for Loop-Loc and is patent pending.  Made from the same high quality polypropylene material as used in our superior mesh covers, but Solid!

  • Bounces back better and drains super-fast.  No more ugly stretched panels created by water pockets... as found with your typical vinyl solid type covers.
  • The same 30% stronger thread as used in our mesh safety covers.
  • 0% vinyl, 100% recyclable and Ultra-Strong.
  • 15 year pro-rated warranty and one of the only Safety Covers to earn U.L. certification!

 Are Loop-Loc Stock Covers more expensive than other manufacturer's stock covers?

             In some cases Loop-Loc stock covers may be slightly more expensive than another similar type of manufacturer.  But price is a relative issue, and there is no denying that Loop-Loc is the highest quality cover in the market.  Loop-Loc covers are made to last for many many years to come.  We have many covers that are in the market place for way past the recommend warranty time period and are still going strong today.  Did we mention our 15 year pro-rated warranty?  Wow that's a long time but we are 100% confident in our product.

 Look at this amazing example to put things in perspective:  Let's say a Loop-Loc Stock Cover cost $40 more than company X.  Over a 15 year period of time (180 months) the increase in cost comes to just 22 Cents per month.  Wouldn't you pay an extra 22 cents per month for a superior high quality cover?  Well...I definitely would but then again I may be a bit biased.

             We think you would also be Very Surprised to learn though when comparing pricing alone, taking out the quality differences, there are quite a few cases where we are slightly lower than other manufacturers.  Amazing but absolutely true.


            Our stock covers will fit a consumer's pool perfectly, and will lay flat like a trampoline.  The exact spacing of our panels and the straightness of our lines while sewing these covers together are unmatched.  The 30% stronger white thread used to sew our covers allow us to completely inspect every stitch before it leaves our facility.  Yes every stitch is inspected and must meet our very high standards before it goes into a box. 

                                              NO COMPROMISES....NO EXCUSES!

 LOOP-LOC Now Celebrating our 35th year in Business thanks to all our loyal customers and dedicated dealers!  Call our customer support department today for additional information at 800-LOC-LOOP.


Thank you and have a Safe Swim Season,

LeeAnn Donaton-Pesta

President & C.E.O.