Pool owners should delight in the fact that there are always new accessories, systems, and gadgets to enhance the pool experience. Advances in technology have allowed today’s pools to rival those found at popular vacation destinations and allow families to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of their own backyards! Here are some of the top pool trends of 2017.

Fancy lighting. Pool lighting has evolved beyond the giant round lights. Choose from landscape lighting, floating pool lights and lanterns, or light-up fountains to enhance your pool’s beauty as the sun sets. Colorful LED lights can play off the colors of your pool cover and liner—creating your own backyard light show. You can also add some floating lights—such as flowers—to add an elegant touch to the water.

Vanishing edge pools. These elegant pools, also called infinity or zero edge pools, capitalize on the upscale, resort-like trend—giving the illusion that the edge of your pool is never-ending and extends for miles. They truly add an element of luxury to any backyard.

Tanning ledges. Another top trend that can help transform your pool into a mini-resort is to add tanning ledges. Place them around the edges of your pool and in the shallow end so swimmers can sunbathe or simply relax before getting completely wet.

Dark liners. Dark-colored liners have emerged as a sophisticated alternative to the traditional light-blue colored liners. They look sophisticated—and an added plus is they retain more heat than lighter-colored liners.

Fire enhancements. Mixing with fire is okay as long as there is an adult present to supervise! Fireplaces, fire pits and bowls, and barbecue grills are being incorporated into the pool area. Features like these add to the pool experience—providing light and warmth to nighttime dips, food for a poolside BBQ, or a place to take a break and make some s’mores.

Automated pools. Smart phone technology has penetrated almost all aspects of daily life. Homeowners can adjust their thermostat, open and lock doors, and program the TV with their smart phones and tablets. Now pool owners can use this type of technology with their pool and spa to control lights, water jets, and pool temperature.

Underwater speakers. Speaking of technology, an emerging trend is taking your pool party playlist underwater. Underwater speakers provide crystal-clear—no pun intended—sound since water acts as a superconductor to transmit those sound waves. For smaller pools, one speaker is most likely sufficient. However, if your pool is on the larger side or a custom shape, you may need have more than one. Consult an expert to protect your potential investment.

Undoubtedly, this year’s trends provide a variety of exciting ways to enhance and upgrade your pool and patio area. There’s no time like the present to “take the plunge” and incorporate some of these features amenities right in your own backyard!