People often feel limited when they look out into their backyards on the smaller side, thinking they cannot reap the advantages that come with an expansive backyard. However, with smart planning, proper landscaping, and a proper budget, you can create a beautiful space from even the smallest backyards. In fact, you can even map out a backyard design centered on a pool! Mini pools are a trendy, space-conservative way to incorporate the luxury of having your own pool into an area many assume is too small for one.

Mini pools can be fit into your space, however much there is, in any way you can imagine. Between long, narrow lap pools to round, pond-like splash pools, there are so many unique ways to fill your space. You don’t need to miss out on the pleasures of being a pool owner even if your backyard is small. In addition to being extremely customizable, mini-pools are much easier to maintain in comparison to full-size pools, being that they have a lot less water inside of them which also equates to less chemicals. Like any pool you’ll need regular maintenance with the right chemicals and filter media, but your bill from the pool supply store is going to be a lot lower than that of a full-size pool owner.

When you begin thinking about installing a mini-pool, consider what you want to use your pool for primarily. Do you want to exercise? Lounge around in the water? Or have your kids splash around in it on a hot day? Take these factors into consideration, along with your backyard proportions, to create the perfect pool paradise for you and your needs. What colors do you think will look best as the focal point of your yard? Vinyl pool liners leave much more room for customization, whereas a fiberglass pool is more limiting. Your best bet is to choose a vinyl pool liner that suits your vision, then build off that.

Once you have a plan for what kind of pool you would like to install, next comes its surroundings. Creating an atmosphere that complements your pool while saving space is crucial to having a beautiful small backyard. Incorporating decking, patio furniture, retaining walls, and landscaping into your backyard will make your pool pop and refine the appearance of your whole space. Even if you’re on a tight budget after the pool installation, a few cheap modifications to the layout of your backyard can do wonders. Look locally for cute outdoor furniture or some spare stones and wood pieces to see what you can remake into pointed pieces or landscaping details.

If you want the luxuries afforded to pool owners, don’t hesitate to take full advantage of your space with a mini pool. You can turn your boring small backyard into a gorgeous private oasis for you and your family, no matter what kind of space you have to work with–all it takes is a little creativity and careful planning!