With 2019 in our midst, it’s the beginning of a New Year filled with possibilities. While there are plenty of your normal resolutions to go around, we here at LOOP-LOC think that your New Year’s resolution should be a facelift for your pool. While everyone posts online about it being “a New Year, new me”, you can start the New Year with a whole new aesthetic for your outdoor oasis instead. There are so many things you could do to change up the feel of your backyard, but we think the fresh look needs to start with the centerpiece – your pool, and consequently, it’s liner. We know, we know, there are a lot of different pool liner styles to choose from and it seems like a big decision to make in January, but trust us when we predict which of our beautiful luxury pool liner designs will make a splash in 2019.

If you want a bold new look for your pool, seek no further than LOOP-LOC’s Indigo Sunrise or Acqua Blu designer patterns. Indigo sunrise is lined with ornate Aztec-inspired mosaic suns, topping the deep indigo ripples that turn your pool into your personal lagoon. It’s sea blue bottom evokes the feeling of swimming in a natural body of water, connecting you with nature. Acqua Blu is just as bold, notable for its defined dark and light blue swirls to evoke movement under the water while multi-toned mosaic tile pattern provides a hint of elegance.

If you want your pool to sparkle like never before, PearlEssence liners Royal Navy Glistening Palms and Quartz Flagstone may be what you’re looking for. Glistening Palms is a textured pattern infused with blue, iridescent inks to cultivate a beautiful blue sparkle on the water. The tropical palm leaf pattern inspires the gentle blowing of trees in the wind, mimicked by the waves of the pool. If that’s not quite your style, then escape the schema of a glistening blue pool liner and embrace the idea of a silver, muted grey liner like Quartz Flagstone, dappled with those same iridescent inks. You’ll fall in love with the illusion of pebble walls bespeckled with crystals, sparkling endlessly under the water.

Want to feel like you’re floating in the water of an exotic destination? Escape to Greece with Samos or Naxos, a pair of deep blue liners with Aegean sea blue floors. If you prefer to envision the serenity of an isolated greek isle, the gentle waves of Samos will lure you into the perfect daydream. If you’d prefer a powerful statement fit for a king of gods, Naxos may be in your favor, with a soft yet intricate design evoking the mythical home of Zeus. Both liners will have you feeling like your floating in the warm waters of the Aegean sea, so you honestly couldn’t go wrong with either.

The natural stone look is an up and coming trend, and LOOP-LOC is already on top of it with Midnight Slate and Platinum Onyx. Both deep, cool-toned liners convey the feeling of rocky ocean shores or a secret underground cave, bringing some mystery to your backyard centerpiece. Midnight Slate is a dramatic liner made to look like textured slate, but without the dullness – it’s infused with blue iridescent inks so your water can shimmer and sparkle like water droplets catching the light, sprinkled across an ocean rock. Platinum Onyx is another unique liner being our only pool liner with a black base. Sure to keep your pool warm on any sunny day, Platinum Onyx is a statement liner sure to impress any guests with your daring devotion to modernity.

With so many liners to choose from, it’s important to have your picture-perfect pool thought out in your head. Knowing what kind of feeling you want to experience while in your pool is the starting point, while the color and pattern of your pool liner come second. Starting the New Year with plans for a pool makeover will ensure that your New Year’s resolution will last all through the summer, long after everyone gives theirs up in March. Plus, as an added bonus you’ll get a stunning, practically new looking pool to enjoy for years to come.