January 1st is approaching fast, and before we even knew it, 2018 is drawing to a close. After a hectic holiday season, the New Year can seem like a daunting time ahead–where did the time go? Well, whether you’re happy about 2019’s arrival or not, what better way to welcome in 2019 than with a list of some great New Year’s resolutions? And what better New Year’s resolutions are there than ones that involve your pool? We here at LOOP-LOC have compiled a list of some fun, realistic pool owner resolutions that you can put your mind to for 2019. Keep reading to gain some inspiration for the new year ahead, while reflecting on the 2018’s ups and downs.

Stay on top of that summer pool maintenance schedule

This resolution is an obvious one for any pool owner who has trouble keeping up with their regular pool maintenance. It’s essential for you to keep your pool in its best condition, and routine maintenance is an important piece of that goal. Set a resolution dedicated to keeping up with a pool maintenance schedule this summer, instead of falling behind or neglecting your pool’s health. Write it out, digitize it, or set reminders–whichever way works best for you to stay on track.

Get a greener pool–and we’re not talking about the color of the water

Being environmentally friendly is so 21st century, so embrace the trend and make your pool system greener this new year. Take the opportunity in early spring to invest in either eco-friendly pool parts or more eco-friendly pool chemicals, or even both! Use LED pool lights and a variable speed pump to reduce energy use, along with a solar cover to keep evaporation at bay. If you’re determined in committing to a greener pool, consider changing your filter system to eco-friendly salt water.

Use your pool for a healthier body

Don’t want to step foot in a gym? Well, it’s a good thing you have a home-gym built into your pool! If weightlifting and treadmills sound awful to you, but swimming laps is a regular activity, try to invest more time working out in your pool. Water aerobics and diving practice can be great ways to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping, without ever having to touch another sweaty gym bench. Plus, there’s less stress on your joints and healthier effects for your lungs when you work your body under the water.

Give your pool a makeover

If you’re getting sick of the way your pool looks out in your backyard, it may be time for a facelift. Peruse some of LOOP-LOC’s 30 luxury pool liner options and decide which one will bring the life back into your outdoor oasis. Use the rest of the off-season as an opportunity to landscape and stylize your pool and its surroundings, so this summer you can enjoy what looks like a brand new backyard. Invest in LOOP-LOC’s removable pool fencing to protect your youngest family members and four-legged friends from unknowingly getting into your new pool.

Spend more time with family

Even if your pool is used as a family hub in the summer, there’s no guarantee that everyone will be itching to come out and jump in, no matter how many family members are in the house. While a summer barbecue is sure to bring everyone together, try finding some more time for family in the colder weather too. We all only have one family after all, so embrace some time together outside and inside the pool, all year long.

Get a new safety pool cover

Investing in a new pool cover may not be at the top of your resolutions, but LOOP-LOC’s safety pool covers are sure to change your mind. If you’re sick of the same old pool cover and stuck wondering if it’s going to last through the next season, make a good investment for your pool and buy a LOOP-LOC cover. Made with durable, quality materials and holding first-class strength, LOOP-LOC covers are sure to bring you joy next off-season, not worry.

New Year’s resolutions are a great opportunity to outline your goals for the year and an even better way to visualize where you see yourself come the next. Take some of the ones above for an improved pool, a close family, and a healthier body during 2019. Happy New Year!