Just because the temperatures are plummeting doesn’t mean your outdoor fun should end. Put up that removable pool fence and start the fun in your own backyard!

 A snowy backyard is the perfect backdrop for two popular, easy winter activities—making snow angels and building a snowman. To make a snow angel, lie down on your back and move your arms and legs back and forth to form angel wings. To build a snowman, roll three balls of snow, then stack them on top of each other. Decorate with hats, scarves, and mittens. If you have a dog, have him or her join you. Chances are it will love the snow as much as you do!

 The backyard can also serve as an ideal place to build a snow fort or igloo. Build two and then have a family snowball fight. A winter bonfire will warm everyone up after the battle. Bring your favorite hot beverage, and make some s’mores. Put up a bird feeder and watch as the birds gather to eat.

 There are numerous outdoor winter sports to participate in as well. Sledding, snowboarding, and skiing are excellent ways to stay active in the wintertime. Grab a sled, saucer, or tube, find a hill, and hop aboard! Consider a local resort if you need to rent equipment or are looking for more challenging hills. You can also ski or snowboard at a resort. Snowmobiling can also get the adrenaline pumping. No matter which activity you prefer, you should always wear a helmet.

 Ice skating is another exhilarating winter sport that you can do alone, with a partner, or in a group. You must make sure the surface you are going to skate on is completely frozen. Read any posted signs or warnings before you go on the ice. A helmet, as well as knee and elbow pads, will help prevent injuries.

 If you are feeling adventurous, you could try winter camping. You can also research your state parks for cabin or yurt rentals. Once you are out in nature, try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Winter hiking is another option to see the beautiful snow-capped trees in all their glory. Bring a camera to capture the winter landscape.

 You can go on a winter picnic. Take plenty of blankets, hot beverages, hot soup, and sandwiches. Wait until dark, lay down, and watch the stars. Another star-watching option is to sit in a steamy hot tub to ward off that winter chill. Bring a robe and make a mad dash through the chilly night back to the indoors!

 When outdoors in the winter, make sure you keep warm. Hypothermia occurs when your body’s temperature dips below 95 degrees Fahrenheit and your body is not able to produce enough energy to keep the internal body temperature warm enough. If you have signs of mental confusion, lack of coordination, slowed reaction time, cold hands and feet, shivering, slurred speech, confusion, and/or sleepiness, get help immediately. Stay hydrated, and most important—have fun!