Installing a pool fence is an important extra layer to protect children, pets, and other animals from gaining access to the pool when it is not in use. The following are some additional perks to having a pool fence that you may not have considered.

A pool fence is flexible. Temporary pool fences can be customized to your pool, no matter its shape or size. Do you have a pool bar, stairs, or a spa? No worries. The fence will work with your pool amenities. It can also accommodate your flowers or garden. You can also convert any part of the fence to a gate opening.

A pool fence is strong. A quality, reliable pool fence is constructed of strong materials, such as a high-quality, poly-coated, open-weave mesh fabric that has high tensile strength and excellent UV stability to safeguard people and animals. A strong fence should also withstand harsh weather conditions without ripping, stretching, or fading. A sturdy fence should use a high-quality, polyester-bonded thread for further stability and strength and demonstrate resistance to fungi, mildew, and bacteria.

A pool fence is easy to install—and remove. Temporary pool fences should be easy for an adult to set up and take down quickly in case of terribly inclement weather, or perhaps an adults-only pool party is on the horizon, and you want your guests to have access to the entire pool area without obstructions. No matter the reason, the sections of the pool fence can be easily rolled up and stored until needed again.

A pool fence allows extra visibility. Sunlight can filter through the holes of temporary mesh pool fencing so you can see the beauty of the pool water. From a distance, the holes in the fence are barely noticeable. This fence is pleasing to look at and enhances the overall look of your yard!

A pool fence has a safety latch. A self-closing, self-latching gate is a must for temporary pool fences. The safest ones use a powerful magnet that requires very little force to secure. Purchase a fence with a key-lockable latch and injection-molded hinges that can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver to ensure the gate closes and latches itself each time.

A pool fence offers peace of mind. Chances are, you get a lot of use out of your pool in the summer. Forget your sunscreen or towel? Lock the pool gate in seconds before you go in the house and search for anything you need to enjoy your pool—worry-free! It is a must for anyone with small children or pets.

Your pool should be your private paradise where you can relax and enjoy the cool, sparkling water. Make your pool time stress-free by installing a temporary pool fence to protect your loved ones. You will not be sorry!