Pool season is drawing nearer and bringing all the chemicals needed to make your pool shine with it. Every pool owner knows that a sparkling pool is a happy pool. The only way to give your pool that crystal clear shine, is to properly balance the chemicals. However, letting your pool live up to your expectations does not mean you should sacrifice your safety or the safety of your swimmers. Read on to learn about our pool chemical safety tips and best practices.

  1. Always read the label. Never assume you know everything about these chemicals. Be sure to always read the instructions on how to use, store, and add chemicals to the pool. You’ll want to closely follow instructions to avoid any potential accidents. There are numerous chemicals needed to keep your pool shimmering and swimmer ready. Know that each chemical serves a different purpose, and should be handled and understood individually. 
  1. Don’t add water to your chemicals. If a chemical calls for water, fill a container with water and then add the chemical. This method limits the risk of harming yourself during the mixing process. You’ll want to start with the water and then the chemical to avoid splashing. A chemical induced burn is no one’s idea of a summer well spent.
  1. Keep chemicals dry. This may seem counterintuitive, but these chemicals were made to be mixed into large amounts of water. If they are exposed to limited moisture or dampness, the results could be dangerous. From temperature increases to a release of toxic gas, the reactions when chemicals are exposed to water pose a huge safety risk. Be sure to store your pool chemicals in a dry and secure location. By storing your chemicals away from doors, vents or windows, fully losing containers and covering them with waterproof packaging you may be able to avoid disaster. There’s no reason to ruin a good summer day with an explosive (literally) storage mistake.
  1. Properly store your chemicals. On the topic of storage, you’ll want to make sure all chemicals are stored properly. It’s not enough to make sure they are safe from moisture. Chemicals can be extremely dangerous when mixed and should be stored carefully to avoid an accident. All chemicals should be stored individually. Only like chemicals should be stored above or below each other. Chemicals should never be placed on the floor or near fire hazards, such as lawnmowers, or grills. These few placement suggestions could make or break a pool season.
  1. Avoid mixing chemicals. While it may be tempting to perform your very own science experiment with your pool chemicals, avoid that urge. Improperly mixing these chemicals may cause dangerous reactions. Many of these chemicals are incompatible with each other and should be stored separately and treated delicately. Be sure to handle each chemical individually with separate tools. No tool should be used in more than one chemical. If a spill occurs (and it will accidents happen) be sure to have a separate container designated for spills nearby.
  1. Let air in. No matter where your chemicals are stored, good lighting and ventilation is a must. Allow the air to flow throughout the storage room. Fresh air will make it easier for you to enter and leave the storage room as needed without putting yourself in harm’s way.

It is hard work, ensuring your pool shines like the top of the Chrysler Building, but someone has to do it. Be sure to remember these tips as you begin to work on your pool this summer season.