The best time of the year (pool season) is right around the corner. That means that it’s time to prepare. Pool season preparation may take time, but it has to start somewhere. Why shouldn’t that somewhere be with the pool itself? That’s right, kick off the pool preseason by opening your pool early! Read on to discover the best practices for cleaning, removing and storing your pool cover.

Pool Cover Removal

It’s time for the unveiling of your beloved pool. However, don’t get overly excited about your pool opening that your pool cover isn’t properly removed. For mesh pool covers, be sure to remove all of the springs from the anchors and fold them inward. Be sure all cover anchors have been screwed down flush with the deck. The anchors will need to be out of the way to avoid snagging the cover on them. Now for the fun part, begin to remove the cover off the pool. Be sure you are removing the cover from one side and into an area with enough space to accordion fold it. Do not ever drag the cover as this will create snag holes. As you begin to remove the cover off the pool you can begin to clean debris off as needed (this will speed up the folding process). You’ll also want to be on the lookout for other sharp objects that may pose a threat to your pool cover. Tearing is possible so be sure all threats have been taken care of before removal.

Pool Cover Cleaning

From the end of summer throughout the long, cold, and gloomy winter your pool has been covered. That pool cover is bound to be in need of a good cleaning. Once the cover has been removed from the pool, a quality cleaning will do it good and help extend its lifespan. Between the rain and snow of the colder months, your pool cover has likely collected some water. If you are the proud owner of a mesh pool cover, there may not be water on your cover, but you’re not out of the woods. Debris such as leaves, dirt, and twigs may find their way onto your cover. Use either a leaf blower, pool brush with a pole or a push broom to clear off your pool cover after it has been safely removed from the pool.

Pool Cover Storage

Once the pool cover is safely removed from the pool you should make sure that there are no stray items left behind. You’ll also want to make sure there are no tears on it, this will make closing it at the end of the season much easier. After you have inspected the cover and deemed it ready for folding, make sure it is completely dry. The pool cover should be dry before folding to avoid the growth of mildew throughout the summer. If your pool cover is wet, consider using a leaf blower to speed up the drying process. Once the pool cover is dry, you’ll want to begin folding it in a fan fashion. That means each row of panels will be folded in the opposite direction. After the folding is complete, place the pool cover in a heavy-duty container. The container will help keep rodents or bugs away from your pool cover and help to extend its lifetime. Lastly, you’ll want to place the pool cover in an area away from rodents and bugs, like a shed.

When all is said and done your pool will be open and you’ll be able to begin preparing for summer. There’s no better way to get ready for warmer days than by ensuring your favorite summer activities are ready for when the time comes.