Fun in the sun is on the minds of families this summer as they begin enjoying their backyard pools, but not without caution if their pools aren't protected with a pool safety fence.

Although there is no substitute for adult supervision, LOOP-LOC® offers families peace of mind with state-of-the-art BABY-LOC® Removable Fencing. With respected names on (literally) both sides of the fence, pool owners can feel confident in knowing they have added another layer of protection to keep their little ones safe during family pool time.

We all know how curious toddlers can be. BABY-LOC Removable Fencing is a convenient and cost-effective way to deter them from venturing into the pool unattended. Removable pool fencing from other companies is built to a standard height of four feet. BABY-LOC has gone one step further by exceeding U.S. consumer product guidelines and offering fences between four-and-a-half and five feet high, while also meeting ASTM standards. The fences can easily enclose raised decks and docks as well as in-ground pools, but still allow for a beautiful view of the pool.

BABY-LOChas earned its stellar reputation in the industry by using only the best industry materials and designs, and is backed with a five-year, prorated warranty. The fence is built with a superior poly-coated, open weave black mesh fabric that is resistant to ripping, stretching and fading, and also comes equipped with non-corrosive, rust-proof poles and locking mechanisms. The company offers the most reliable self-latching gate available, complete with a unique latch that uses a powerful magnet. The innovative design of the BABY-LOC safety fence also allows homeowners to turn any portion of the fence into a gate opening by simply asking their installer to provide a fallback hole wherever they would like it. For added safety and peace of mind, the fence sections open in a snap for easy access.

If all of the features listed above weren't enough, here are some other reasons why there's no removable pool fence that is quite like BABY-LOC:

  • Durability – High-quality construction gives pool owners the confidence they need in knowing that their pool fence is safe and will last.

  • Convenience – BABY-LOC safety fences are easy to put up and take down whenever pool owners need that extra measure of protection for their little ones.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Pool owners have a choice of premium fiberglass or aluminum poles, both of which are made from non-corrosive, rust-proof material, and color-matched to the black fabric. Matching neutral-colored caps fit snugly into the deck sleeves when the fence is removed to keep the look consistent.

For those homeowners who are looking for a more permanent fixture during pool season, BABY-LOC Removable Fencing can be ordered to include a reliable self-closing, self-latching gate.

As stated earlier, although there's no match for adult supervision, BABY-LOCpool fences are tough enough to stand up to even the most curious toddlers, and  they offer pool owners added peace of mind when enjoying their pools during the summer. To find a dealer near you, visit our dealer locator: