Buying the right pool cover can be daunting– you can’t decide on the kind or the color, and have no idea what cover even works best for your pool type. You’re about to invest in a cover that should last you many winters to come, so you want to make sure you’re buying the right one. Well, every pool has a cover to go on it, and the first place to look is at LOOP-LOC’s varied collection of pool covers. We know that there’s a LOOP-LOC cover for your pool, and we can help you select the right one, with confidence in your investment, for the upcoming off-season.

LOOP-LOC’s Aqua Xtreme is a virtually solid mesh safety pool cover. This cover is ideal for any inground pool, in any climate, because it has the best features of both solid and mesh covers. Solid covers offer exceptional light-blocking, and Aqua Xtreme does the same through a unique weave mesh with superior light blocking technology to keep the sun off your pool water and algae growth at bay. Mesh covers drain snow and rain off the top into the pool, preventing standing water and cover damage. Aqua Xtreme also claims these benefits, with lightning-fast draining and super-strong materials.

On top of these pros, Aqua Xtreme is also 50% lighter than a regular solid cover, guaranteeing easy application and removal. This cover solves all the problems you’ve had with previous covers and goes beyond what’s needed to give you a smooth, efficient safety cover experience all winter long.

Have an on-ground pool surrounded by more than 2 feet of deck? There’s a LOOP-LOC option for you too, with LOOP-LOC’s On-ground Safety Pool Cover, a mesh cover attached to your deck with strong brackets. The mesh version lets water drain through but is still thick enough for effective UV protection, making this cover great for various climates as well. The solid version blocks 100% of sunlight from your pool’s surface, and allows water to drain through mesh drainage panels or a pump, depending on your preference. Even if your pool is on-ground you can get the benefits of a strong and secure LOOP-LOC cover that is sure to provide an effective barrier for kids and pets from getting to the water.

If you’re working with a commercial pool, LOOP-LOC’s ULTRA-LOC safety pool cover is a great alternative to draining the whole pool. Instead of leaving an unsupervised pool open, prompting potentially dangerous situations, covering it with a LOOP-LOC cover during the off-season will ensure your pool stays in great shape and has less liabilities. Even better, you can get your cover personalized with a business logo to showcase your brand or slogan, even when the pool is closed.

What would make you decide between a mesh or solid LOOP-LOC cover? Well, it depends. Solid covers tend to be heavier than mesh covers, but provide better UV protection. They also have the added benefit of keeping rain and snow out of your water, which can affect your chemical balance. Mesh cover allow rain water to pass through, so your pool water may become a little cloudy if you have a heavy rain season. Mesh covers will also require more cleaning for the pool come spring, since some dirt or debris could filter through to the pool water, something a solid cover avoids. Hybrid covers like LOOP-LOC’s Ultra-Loc and Aqua Xtreme maintain the best features of solid and mesh covers, while minimizing their faults.

Overall, the decision to invest in a new pool cover is a big one, but there’s no way to go wrong with a LOOP-LOC cover. Each cover is custom designed to your pool’s shape and size, so it’s guaranteed to fit perfectly over any obstructions or curves your pool may have. The right pool cover is what’s best for you and your pool, but if you truly need help, reach out to a LOOP-LOC professional to let you know what cover will work best in your situation.