If you are thinking about installing a pool in your backyard and are unsure about whether to choose an inground or above-ground pool, there are several factors to consider. While you may initially think that an above-ground pool is safer than an in-ground pool, today’s safety pool covers provide the ultimate in protection to safeguard family, friends, and pets. Read on for six reasons to choose an inground pool over an above-ground pool to make your backyard the ultimate summer destination for fun in the sun.

An inground pool has unlimited design options. Today’s inground pools are available in an array of shapes and sizes such as rectangle, oval, kidney, and free-form. The possibilities are endless, provided you partner with an innovative pool company that is on-trend.

An inground pool increases the value of your home. Data shows that having an inground pool in the backyard can increase the value of a home by as much as 15 percent. It can provide endless hours of entertainment for family and friends and be an extension of your home.

An inground pool has a longer lifespan. In-ground pools are a huge investment, but they are built to last. They last years longer than above-ground pools.

An inground pool can have amenities incorporated into the design. A diving board, tanning ledges, bar stools, fountains, and an attached spa are just some of the add-ons you can consider when you have an inground pool instead of an above-ground pool.

An inground pool is like having an outdoor gym. Many people use their inground pool as a way to avoid the sweltering gym in the summer. Doing laps is a great cardiovascular activity that provides a multitude of health benefits. Additionally, unless your above-ground pool is unusually large, you will not have enough room to swim laps and keep your heart rate up. Plus, there’s more room to play water basketball and volleyball, sharks and minnows, and the always popular Marco Polo!

An inground pool is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Let’s face it: inground pools look luxurious in the backyard, especially with a designer liner, inviting patio, and impeccable landscaping. Add some decorations, LED lighting, and pavers, and your backyard will not only evoke the feel of a vacation paradise but serve as the ultimate stay-cation destination. An above-ground pool simply will not do your yard justice the same way an inground pool does. An-inground pool will look like it belongs in your backyard, while an above-ground pool may look as if it were dropped in the yard.

Only if you live in a more diverse climate, plan on swimming a few months throughout the year, or have a smaller budget should you consider an above-ground pool. Even then, simply purchasing a pool heater for an inground pool would start the swimming season earlier in the year and then extend into the fall. Take the plunge and install an inground pool!