Nothing says summer like summer vacation! While it’s true that summer is an opportune time to unwind and recharge, planning—and paying for—that perfect summer vacation can be stressful for some. That said, pool owners need to look no further than their own backyard for the ultimate in relaxation—a staycation. Here are six reasons to take off that inground pool cover to use your pool as the ideal setting for the ultimate summer staycation. 

There’s no travel time. Depending on where you like to vacation, travel time can be an issue. If you spend one to two days out of your treasured time off from work to travel to and from your vacation destination, having a staycation will allow you to spend all your time reveling in your time away from work!  Plus, the kids will not complain about being in the car or stuck on a plane. The words, “Are we there yet,” will not be a part of your summer vocabulary. 

It is less expensive. With a beautiful pool in your backyard to offer you endless opportunities for swimming, sunning, and lounging without spending a dime, you will save a lot of money that would have been spent on lodging, gas, entertainment, and souvenirs.

 Extended family and friends can be included. Chances are, even if you vacation with a select group of people, loved ones you wish you could be with will not be able to join you for various reasons. If you plan a staycation, you can schedule time with everyone on your list! 

It is extremely versatile. Are you in the mood to have your kids’ friends over for an afternoon of splashing, Marco Polo, or eating ice pops poolside? Or, do you want to float in the pool with your significant other and some plastic flutes of champagne? Scatter some roses, light some candles, and gaze at the stars together. With a staycation, you can do it all! 

Experience a theme vacation. Do you have an idea of what you would like your vacation to emulate? Create a Hawaiian luau in your own backyard! Or, have a summer toga pool party. Put up some neon lights and set up some poker and blackjack games for a Vegas night poolside. The possibilities are endless. 

Channel your inner chef. A staycation is a welcome opportunity to try all those dishes you don’t have time to make while you are working. You can either test out some new recipes indoors—and bring your results outdoors to share—or investigate new ways to grill old favorites. Build a fire in your poolside firepit and roast some s’mores. 

Inground pool owners truly have it all! Spend your days—and nights—with your pool engaging in fun games, poolside reading, barbecues, and parties with family and friends. The days will fly by, and you will realize there is no need to leave the house if you have your private vacation paradise!