With swimming season upon us, chances are you will be hosting a pool party at some point. Here are some tricks for pool party prep that will put your mind at ease.

Get the area ready. First and foremost, make sure the pool and surrounding area are pristine for your guests. Keep the pool water is clean so there are no debris or dead bugs in the pool. Clean the patio furniture and have enough seats for all guests. Clear the pool deck of any obstructions, make sure there is ample lighting around walkways and pathways if the party is going to last into the night, and spruce up the landscaping.

Organize some activities. Think of some fun activities your guests may want to participate in. Perhaps some water Frisbee or pool volleyball? Have a variety of pool floats, as well as beach balls, rings and noodles, for guests who want to lounge in the water. Also, always remember to never leave children unattended. If the party shifts to the backyard, simply put on your safety pool cover to safeguard your guests.

Plan the menu. Take some time to decide what kind of food you want to serve at the party. Do you want to make a majority of the food beforehand, so you have more time to mingle with your guests? Finger foods are a wonderful, easy option and keeping it light will make your guests more comfortable in their bathing suits. Perhaps you would prefer to grill during the party? Take into consideration the amount of room you have by the pool to prep and cook the food. Check the weather forecast. If it is going to be a scorcher, you may want to have the party catered so you can spend the majority of your time in the pool!

Decorate with flair. Added touches such as Tiki torches and candles can transform your pool area into an island oasis. You could have a Hawaiian-themed party with leis, specialty cocktail drinks, and colorful party attire. For an adults-only evening pool party, make it black and white and make sure the pool floats, decorations, food, and drinks match! Arrange an array of fluffy towels throughout the party area so guests can dry off in comfort. This is another way to get colorful with decorating, or match a particular party theme.

Update your first aid kit. Have a first aid kit handy for minor cuts and scrapes, insect bites, or sunburn. Have plenty of sunscreen available as many guests—especially those who do not have pools—may neglect to bring some along. Do not forget to offer a shady spot or two for those who may need to take a break from the sun.

Relax and enjoy. Your LOOP-LOC pool liner makes the water look even more inviting, the surrounding area is festive, and food and drinks are ready for the guests. Take a deep breath, smile, and have a blast! After all, that is what summer is all about.