As swim season slowly comes to an end, why not close on a high note with an end-of-summer pool party bash for your friends and family? Here is a step-by-step planning guide to hosting an unforgettable event before that swimming pool safety cover is used.

Send out invites. As wedding season approaches, chances are calendars are filling up. Pick a date and give your potential guests plenty of notice. Make the invitation festive with beach or nautical accents and some catchy water-themed sayings.

Plan the menu. Once the invitations are sent, it is time to plan the menu. Is your party kid-friendly or adults only? Kids love burgers and dogs, with some ice pops thrown in for good measure. If you are a grill master, add chicken and steak to the offerings. Throw in some salads and finger foods—along with some ice-cold beverages—and you will be good to go! You may also want to consider having the party catered if you want to give your guests your full attention.

Prep the yard. You will want to make sure your backyard looks incredible for the big event. Mow the lawn and weed the flower beds. Hang some baskets to refresh the pool area or decorate with some vases full of colorful blossoms. Clean the patio furnture and provide plenty of seating for guests. Tiki torches and lanterns can also add a festive touch.

Clean the pool. Obviously, you will want your pool water clean and sparkling before the party. Even though your LOOP-LOC pool liner no doubt sets your pool apart from others in the neighborhood, you will want to give it a thorough brushing to remove any dirt and debris that may be on the sides and bottom of the pool. Then, shock it so your pool water will be able to handle the added strain of extra people frolicking in the pool. Double check the filter, backwashing and cleaning it if needed. Right before the party, test the water for optimal chlorine and pH levels and give the pool a final vacuum. Skim the pool to rid it of any remaining debris.

Set up shop. Now it is time to party prep by setting up the area. Put the final touches on any decorations. Set out the paper products and set up the coolers. Clear the pool deck and surrounding area of any obstructions. If you are hosting an evening pool party, make sure there is plenty of lighting around walkways and pathways.

Have a blast. Your guests will be arriving soon. The yard and pool are ready, and the food and drinks have been prepared. Your yard looks incredible and the pool water is cool and inviting. Put on your favorite suit and cover-up, smile, and greet your guests. Revel in the fact that your end-of-season pool party memories will last all winter!