We’re living in the 21st century, with all the latest technology and innovations coming to us one after another. If you’re not completely familiar with technology, you can be hesitant to incorporate it into your home and everyday life. However, technology has allowed pool companies to automate numerous features of pool maintenance and usage, taking a burden off of your shoulders as a pool owner and giving you access to your pool’s features on your smartphone or any smart home device. These automated pool systems, known as smart pools, are the future of the pool industry, but what does this mean to the average pool owner? Should you or should you not invest in the features of a smart pool, or at least a semi-automated pool system? Here’s all you need to know about smart pools to make the best decision for you and your home needs.

Smart pools take a lot of effort out of maintaining a pool, with many apps and sensors now able to track your pool chemical levels, notifying you when they need to be adjusted. Some systems even administer chlorine automatically when levels are too low. Smart pool apps also make your pool more accessible, with the ability to turn on your pool heater or roll back your pool cover with the touch of a screen before you start on your way home from work. These conveniences, along with other, customizable options, are part of the reason why smart pools have become a trend in the pool industry.

You might be thinking that a smart pool seems expensive and time consuming to install, but with such rapid advancement in technology, the price of automation has dropped significantly. There are numerous options for you and your automation needs, from pool lights to robot cleaners to chlorinators. You entire pool system does not need to be automated if you’re on a tight budget; even getting some app-controlled smart lighting or a robot pool cleaner with app capabilities can take some maintenance off your mind. Many more fully functioning automation systems like chlorinators and filters are simple for a professional to install, and you can reap the benefits very quickly. Automation is only going to grow as an industry, so we can expect these features to become even more accessible to the average pool owner in years to come.

Why would someone want to invest in a smart pool? Besides the time-saving benefits of less hands-on maintenance, many people invest for the convenience. Instead of taking hours to set up the lights, turn on water features, and find the right water temperature for a pool party, you can have set up done in the blink of an eye with specialized settings. Just click a button and your heater, lights, cleaner, and features will turn your backyard into a party paradise, ready for guests to arrive at any moment. Spa owners can reap even better advantages, turning on the spa or sauna before they get home from work or a date to relax and unwind as soon as they step foot into their home.

If you’re a pool owner who has heard about smart pools and has been thinking of investing, take the plunge into the world of automation. Sure to save you time and make you more inclined to use your pool, smart pool technology isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well invest in the future of pools today.