There is no doubt that the days are getting longer, and that endless sunny summer days will soon be upon us! Lucky pool owners will soon be opening their pools across the Garden State, and the sounds of splashing and laughter will fill the air. While you are enjoying your pool, it is also important to safeguard your family, friends, and pets when you are not using the pool. Safety covers can play a vital role in this protection.

According to New Jersey pool regulations, pools must be equipped with safety covers. When closed, the cover must hold a weight of 485 pounds and not have any openings or gaps that allow passage of a 4½-inch sphere. Mesh fabric covers allow water to drain to meet all of these guidelines. Solid-type covers need to incorporate a system to drain standing water that collects on the cover—whether it is drain panels added to the design in the cover or the use of an automatic cover pump to remove any standing water.

Our pool safety covers meet these ASTM safety standards! We use 100 percent polypropylene to construct our covers with a super dense mesh. The mesh’s denseness means that it blocks virtually all sunlight, while still allowing rain and melting snow to easily drain through. We use double-perimeter webbing and double-thick straps to give our covers incredibly high break strength. Then, we sew the webbing to the cover using contrasting white thread instead of black, to make sure that not a single stitch is missed. We also hand sew the large X-tacking on the straps for precise placement and maximum strength.

Our covers are secured to the pool deck with heavy-duty, non-corrosive, type 302 grade stainless steel springs. This allows for superior weight-bearing accuracy; and brass anchors that recess flush with the deck when the cover is removed. Together, these items put a "lock" on your pool that will prevent children and pets from gaining access to it. The cover’s chafe strips are manufactured with exclusive virgin material because we discovered that regrind material can stain decking. The non-corrosive aluminum tips are double notched for stability.

 For additional safeguarding, we developed the CABLE-LOC™, and patented GAPGUARD® and PROTECT-A-GAP™ Child Safety Intrusion Barriers, as well as the Aqua-Loc® zipper treatment. These features work together to close the gap created when a pool includes raised obstructions that are located at the cover's edge

To maintain and guarantee complete quality control, we manufacture all our safety pool covers here in the United States—right in our 200,000-square foot manufacturing facility. As a final touch, our exclusive computer-aided design guarantees a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool. Your family, friends, and pets’ safety is our top priority. Contact one of LOOP-LOC's exclusive distributors to outfit your pool with The ELEPHANT Cover and take any worry out of your summer fun!