There is no doubt that summertime is fireworks season! What could be better than enjoying the sights and sounds of a spectacular light show with family and friends during a warm night? Here are 10 must-haves that will make the night a memorable one for you and the kids.

Pre-show entertainment. Get the kids’ night off to a fabulous start with some sparklers and glow sticks in the forms of necklaces and bracelets and watch them run around. Burning off some energy will help them settle down and give the fireworks show their undivided attention. Do not forget a lighter for the sparklers!

Outdoor games. Even though the light-up toys and fireworks themselves will most likely be enough entertainment for the kids, it does not hurt to bring some back-up in the form of things like footballs, Frisbees, baseballs, or deck of cards to keep kids engaged until the big show begins.

Chairs and blankets. After all of that playing, the kids will need a place to sit or lay to watch the display. Spread out some blankets and set up some chairs so everyone can relax and revel in the evening.

Bug spray. Keep pesky mosquitoes at bay with plenty of bug spray. Children will not take kindly to being bitten while watching the show.

Snacks and drinks. Chances are, the kids will get hungry and/or thirsty over the course of the night. A cooler full of cold drinks and a variety of snacks will keep kids happy before, during, and after the show in case you want to linger to let traffic dissipate.

Bathing suits and a change of clothes. If you plan on watching the fireworks on the beach or near your LOOP-LOC lined swimming pool, the kids will probably want to cool off. Keep an eye on them at all times, and make sure they change into dry clothes. As the sun sets, they may be a little chilly if they stay in their wetsuits.

Earplugs. Have earplugs on hand just in case someone is sensitive to the loud sounds that accompany the beautiful lights. They should dull the noise enough so the little ones can still enjoy the colorful show.

First aid kit. It is always a good idea to carry a first aid kit to take care of any minor scrapes, cuts, or bug bites in case you forgot the bug spray.

Flashlight. It will be virtually impossible to set up your seating arrangement and keep an eye on the kids in the dark. A flashlight will help clean up your area after the show is over.

Binoculars. Bringing binoculars will let the kids see the show up close. Have the kids take turns with them and witness their awe and excitement when they see the spectacular colors from a brand-new perspective.

With all these items on hand, the night is bound to be unforgettable. Hold the kids tight and witness the glory of the fireworks—together!