Summer is around the corner. If you envision spending a lot of time at the pool, eating under an elegant pergola, watching the kids play or relaxing by a backyard bonfire with marshmallows and s’mores, you’ll need to make sure your yard and outdoor décor is all setup. Here are some steps you can take before it gets hot to make sure your backyard is ready for some good old outdoor summer fun.

Match Your Patio Furniture to Your Pool Liner. The centerpiece of your yard is your pool. The cool water glimmers in the sun and invites you in for a dip.  Whether you picture a deep sapphire blue or a warm Mediterranean-style pool oasis, you’ll need to make sure everything coordinates properly. LOOP-LOC has plenty of designer pool liners to pick from with a wide range of patterns. When choosing a liner, bring samples of what your furniture looks like or will look like to share with the staff. They can help you coordinate the perfect liner. When your pool matches your outdoor décor you can sit back and relax in a state of pure summer bliss.

Create a Discrete Foot Washing Station Near Your Pool to Keep It Clean. Kids have dirty feet. Let’s face it, they should. It is summer and they’re playing hard! But, that doesn’t mean your pool should be dirty. Keep you pool sparkling clean by creating a foot washing station. The best station uses a durable dark plastic container filled with smooth rounded decorative stones to create a spa-like feel. Keep it tucked away in the corner of your pool area near a hose and make it a rule that all kids must wash their feet before getting into the water. Wash your feet and feel the pumicing effect of the stones for an at-home pedicure!

Build a Backyard Obstacle Course for the Kids & Watch Them Play from Your Pool Lounge Area. There’s nothing quite as fun as playing in your own backyard. Find boards, hoola hoops, tires and other materials and use them to create a fun obstacle course. Even items like pool towels can work. Lay a towel atop two chairs and have kids monkey crawl underneath as part of the challenge. If you want to appear really color coordinated, buy pool towels to match pool liners.

Get Plenty of Storage Containers for Pool Toys Early in The Season. Get your storage bins now before everyone needs them. Containers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. You want them to appear natural. They are not the feature of your backyard retreat, they simply store some of the goods that create your sanctuary.

Setup A Poolside Grilling Station with Feature Wall and Extra Seating for Guests. Stop dreaming of the dream barbeque setup! A pool patio is the perfect location for a grill setup. Don’t forget about other must haves— include a wine fridge, mini stove, countertop for preparation and sink. A bar area with comfortable seating is also a terrific idea that your guests will love. If you have extra poolside space, consider implementing a feature wall and use weathered boards as seating with several throw pillows for added comfort and aesthetics. 

Put A Fire Pit Together. Buy a table with a built-in fire pit and place it in the pool area so you can relax and enjoy at night. You could also make your own, just make sure it is safe! Add extra mood lighting nearby to really create a dramatic effect.