A vinyl-lined pool is comprised of five parts: wall panels, a pool base, a vinyl liner, steps, and coping. The wall panels make up the walls of your pool, with the exception of the steps, and are typically made of aluminum, steel, or plastic. The pool base is usually made of grout or vermiculite. This material mixture is applied on top of the soil with a pool trowel, and the liner is installed on top of it. The thickness of a vinyl liner is measured in mils. This measurement is not the same as a millimeter; it is 1/1000 of an inch. Vinyl liners are usually 20, 27, 28, or 30 mils thick.

Vinyl liners are either embossed or non-embossed. Embossed liners vary in thickness, have peaks and valleys, and are measured by the highest peaks of the liner rather than the lower solid part. Non-embossed liners are flat across the top and are equally thick throughout.

Vinyl-lined pools have three types of steps—white plastic steps, vinyl over steps, and a ladder. White plastic steps are the vinyl liner pool standard. They are made of polymer, attached to the pool walls, and jut out from the pool’s main body. Vinyl over steps are premade. Then, the removable metal ladder is installed into the patio and hangs over the edge of the pool.

Coping is the border around the top perimeter of the pool, serving as the transition from the pool to the patio. White aluminum C-channel coping is the standard for vinyl-lined pools. You can paint the aluminum different colors.

Our Luxury pool liners come in more than 24 elegant designer patterns and are manufactured using only the highest quality virgin-vinyl material that resists puncturing, algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria. They have a 20-year pro-rated warranty, with most patterns available in durable 20 mil and 28 mil. Plus, state-of-the-art computer technology and manufacturing equipment ensure a perfect fit for any pool, from simple rectangles to the most complex freeforms.

This year, we have added two new embossed liners to our collection—Royal Navy Glistening Palms and Midnight Slate. These amazing textured liners will only serve to enhance the look of your pool with their brilliant sparkle and illusion of motion. The new Royal Glistening Palms evokes the gentle rustling of palm leaves that can be found on a remote island getaway. The sophisticated Midnight Slate design is truly stunning! Its textured slate finish infused with blue iridescent inks mirrors the look of a shimmering rocky seashore. No matter which liner you choose, your pool will thank you!