For 12 years, we have been offering an extensive line of vinyl pool liners in more than 30 elegant design patterns in an array of colors. New to our line is Shimmering SeaWaves—a gorgeous, fully textured embossed vinyl liner that is infused with iridescent inks to glitter and sparkle. It is the first liner of its kind to hit the pool liner market.

Shimmering SeaWaves is a welcome departure from liners past. When they were first introduced in the 1950s, vinyl liners only came in aqua. Over the next 40 years or so, vinyl pattern manufacturers started playing with color and pattern—and even three-dimensional looks. Then, backyard pools became even more aesthetically-pleasing! It is designs like Shimmering SeaWaves that make the evolution from plain aqua to glitter and sparkle complete.

You probably didn’t know that the Shimmering SeaWaves liner features the company’s popular PearlEssence™ pattern, which consists of six other liner patterns. PearlEssence™ liners are exclusive to our company. Opalescent Blues has varied shades of blue that is reminiscent of vacationing in the tropics. Platinum Onyx is a dark, sophisticated look set on a black base if you want your pool to give off a mysterious vibe. The multicolored Luminous Soul is an infusion of blue, lavender and white hues that has a calming, relaxing vibe. The Moonstone pattern not only reflects the rays of the sun, it adds a layer of brilliance to any pool. The Bronze Reflections pattern uses bronze iridescent inks that illuminate a pool in a rich glow and bathe it in soft shimmer. Silver iridescent inks comprise the Silver Cloud pattern, which mirrors both the clouds and the essence of pearls!

Did you also know that like the other PearlEssence™ patterns, Shimmering SeaWaves can transform your pool into a work of art and serve as a gorgeous centerpiece in your backyard? Bring the look of the ocean right into your backyard by transforming your pool into a summer paradise. Shimmering SeaWaves will sparkle and reflect the sun’s light beautifully!

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