To keep your inground pool running smoothly, it is necessary to have the proper products and equipment designed specifically for inground pools. Has it been awhile since you thought about upgrading your equipment? If so, you might want to take a closer look at the latest technological innovations.

Automatic pool cleaners. Technology has certainly come a long way in many aspects of life. Now, roving automated pool cleaners rid your swimming pool of leaves, dirt, and other debris—freeing up your time to enjoy the pool. These cleaning units travel around the pool for several hours each day, and are available in pressure, suction, and robotic models. On the higher end is an in-floor cleaning system. No matter what type of automatic cleaner you choose, your pool water will not only be cleaner, but the life of your liner will be extended.

Ozone generators and ultraviolet (UV) purification systems. As a pool owner you probably realize that chlorine can have harmful effects on people—such as dry skin and red eyes. It can also damage the pool liner if proper levels are not maintained. Thankfully, technology has provided pool owners with UV light systems and ozone generators—alternative purification methods that destroy an array of contaminants—without the need to use chlorine. Ozone generators also produce water that is gentle on your skin. And, once ozone kills bacteria, it quickly dissipates without leaving any byproducts in the swimming pool. Using an ozone generator in conjunction with a UV system yields even better sanitized water. The special UV bulbs release controlled germicidal rays within a quartz or polymer tube. UV light eradicates 99.9 percent of disease-forming organisms—while once again leaving your pool free of byproducts.

Automation systems. These systems allow the user to program a multitude of pool and spa functions as well as features that typically require manual operation or oversite. You can work with a pool remodeler to install these options on your pool’s base equipment pad. The units feature control panels with buttons, so a variety of processes can be scheduled—as well as activated and deactivated. Functions and processes such as cleaning, filtration, lighting, heating, purification, water features, and spa jets can be automated in this manner. Chores such as vacuuming the pool can also be done at night while everyone is sleeping. Including a variable- or multi-speed pool pump on your pool will help save money because it can be programmed to operate on low speed for less-demanding operations—using less energy.

Remote controls. People who already use automation on their pools can kick things up to the next level using remote controls. Typically, pool remotes are available in handheld/tabletop designs, mobile apps, and web-based platforms. Using these devices, you can operate pool and spa functions from numerous areas. In some cases, you can activate the pool or spa heater when you are away from home, so the water is ready for your arrival!

These technology features are not only designed to make your life easier—they will also result in the cleanest water—which will extend the life of your pool and save money by conserving energy. Everyone wins when they can enjoy more time by the pool!