Your winter pool cover is your pool’s strongest shield throughout the off-season – it keeps your pool and everything inside protected from any bitter cold and debris that could inflict damage, but in return, it takes the brunt of the weathering. Knowing this, every pool owner needs to be sure to take the proper precautions to protect their pool during the off-season by first and foremost protecting their cover. Keeping your pool’s best defender well-maintained will do the same for your pool, so we want to provide you with a series of winter pool cover tips to make sure you’re maintaining your pool’s shield in the best ways possible. Read on for these 4 essential tips regarding winter pool cover maintenance.

  1. Remove a threat before it manifests by trimming tree branches hanging near or over your pool’s perimeter. This will ensure your cover is protected from falling tree branches, which can scratch and tear your cover when combined with storms and dangerously high winds. Avoid this outcome by simply trimming the tree branches near your pool to ensure they will not fall on top of or even near your cover.

  2. If your pool cover standing water is iced over, don’t try to remove it. Frozen water with sharp ice edges could potentially cause damage. Wait for the ice to begin to thaw and melt. If you have a solid cover, prevent a thick ice buildup by maintaining a small ½ inch water level on your cover before potential big freezes.

  3. Check the cover ends and attachments regularly for any tearing, stress, looseness, stretching, or signs of deterioration. These kinds of checkups are essential for spotting problems or potential weaknesses on your cover that can be easily missed in the installation or get worse when ignored through the off-season. If you spot anything suspicious don't hesitate to call a professional to have it looked over for any impending repairs or adjustments as needed.

  4. If you get a lot of snow in your area, mark your pool perimeter with a few yardsticks or some other marker. It’s always beneficial to know where your deck ends and your pool cover begins underneath a heavy snowfall. You don’t want to accidentally place a heavy object on or walk across your cover under heavy snow, so marking where your pool is can be beneficial for maintenance and safety purposes.

Pool covers are an essential piece of equipment for your pool, so it’s important to do everything you can to ensure they can protect your pool against weather, debris, and accidents. In return for being taken care of, your pool cover takes care of your pool. Keep this relationship in mind throughout the off-season and keep up the good maintenance!